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NAUKA-SHOP.RU® is a professional online store for sale of consumables and spare parts for wide range laboratories:

  • ICP and ICP-MS spectrometry: burners, nozzles, spray chambers, tubes, cones and related accessories; standard solutions including CONOSTAN; electron multipliers; oils for vacuum pumps.

  • Atomic absorption: hollow cathode lamps, spare parts.

  • CHNSO elemental analysis: crucibles, boats, catalysts and accelerators, various reagents, combustion tubes, tubes for reagents, standards, nickel and tin capsules, filters, brushes, reactors, columns.

  • X-ray fluorescence analysis of oil products: frames, one-use cells, windows, paper for Horiba analyzers printer.

  • Specimen deterioration: heating units, microwave ovens, test tubes, autoclaves etc.

The online store is focused equally on operations with the natural and legal entities as well. It has been reached due to the functional implemented in the platform, possible methods of payment, delivery and automated document flow, given peculiarities and possibilities of each of the two purchasers’ groups. The main purpose consists is making the procurement process comfortable, stable and flexible for professionals.

The selected goods may be paid by bank card, yandex-money or by wire transfer from the company’s operating account against the invoice issued.

The invoice for payment is generated and sent to the purchaser’s email address automatically at the stage of order execution. At the purchase’s discretion the invoice may be issued in USD (to be paid in rubles at the RF Central Bank rate at the date of payment with the term of 30 calendar days) or in RF rubles (with the term of 3 business days). Original documents executed in compliance with the requirements of the Russian laws, shall be provided during shipment along with the ordered goods.

The range of NAUKA-SHOP.RU®online storeconsists of the goods required for routine work of laboratories. A number of goods are represented by several manufacturers thus enabling the purchaser to choose. The store plans to continue to attentively follow the changes of needs of their clients and not to cease the work over the range of the goods.

Suppliers of NAUKA-SHOP.RU®online storeare represented by the leading world manufacturers of consumables and spare parts such as SCP Science, CPI International, Meinhard, Glass Expansion, Elemental Scientific, Agilent, Perkin-Elmer, Berghof, Elemental Microanalysis, Inorganic Ventures, Horiba Scientific etc.

For all the goods (except for the goods as to which a need of the price request has been designated by the manufacturer) in NAUKA-SHOP.RU®online store the actual prices in currency and rubles have been specified. The mode of price reflection is selected by the user. The prices in rubles are automatically recalculated on a daily basis pursuant to the rate established by the RF Central Bank.

Procurement in NAUKA-SHOP.RU® online store enables to use all traditional benefits of the online store, i.e. promptly select required goods, execute and pay the order, control delivery at all stages of performance, receive the ordered goods within the fixed terms at the specified address or by clients’ pick up.

Focus on the stable work with regular clients is a key concept of NAUKA-SHOP.RU® online store, preconditioned by a regular demand by the labs to certain types of the goods required for stable routine operations. For our regular clients additional information and service support, as well as a special discount program has been prescribed.

NAUKA-SHOP.RU®online-store has been developed by the Center of Business Support “NAUKA” ("CBSN") for efficient provision of the laboratories with consumables. Experience and progress of “CBSN” represent additional opportunities for online store clients in arranging comprehensive supplies of lab equipment and rendering services by one trusted supplier.

NAUKA-SHOP.RU® online store has a SSL- certificate Geotrust True BusinessID EV.


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